Catherine Wee

mSafra App

The new SAFRA Mobile App is a revamp of the existing mSAFRA app with a refreshed look and enhanced navigation, providing a better user experience and greater convenience to our members.


I collaborated with UI/UX designers (Asilah, Izi) and Chief Experience Officer (Natalie)


Mobile App – Skubbs Company


2021 – 2023


Experience Limitless Joy

Tap into a world of benefits in Food & Entertainment, Fitness & Adventure and Family & Enrichment through our newly improved SAFRA Mobile App. With a freshly revamped interface, you can now experience an enhanced and more user-friendly navigation around the app.

What I Have Learned💕

Enhanced User Benefits and Continuous Improvement

Designing the SAFRA Mobile App was an iterative process that revolved around the core principles of user-centricity, seamless navigation, and personalization. Through an enhanced interface and improved features, the app now offers SAFRA members a world of benefits in Food & Entertainment, Fitness & Adventure, and Family & Enrichment. We remain committed to refining and evolving the app based on user feedback, ensuring a delightful experience for our valued members.